Untitled (2018)

Wake the slaves from their graves
We throwing a rave
Stadium music
I’m starting the wave
Let’s start from this side
Screaming what I truly desire
Light the fire under their ass
Scratch the plan like a DJ
We doing this my way
You can’t fire with fire
But we running out options and I’m done watching
It ain’t safe for me
Let alone the youngins
My president ain’t gotta be black but he can’t be that
The truth is hard to swallow but you need your pills
Opiate addiction
Something had to pay the bills
Someone has to provide the meals
Someone has to deal the cards so we can play the game
The house has to be put under somebody’s name
Eventually my mind will deteriorate
My body will rot after my fate is decided at the gate
Heaven or hell
It’s outs of my hands
While I’m here
I cannot rest
Officers hunting like it’s time for Thanksgiving
So, I’m grinding
Lord willing
But that don’t matter
They’ll find an excuse to accuse me of a crime that I didn’t do
Plant the seed and it will grow, but how tall and how long and when the will the
leaves fall?
I don’t have the answers, but the questions can be asked until we got something
that can match
We all fit the description, no need to carry the sketch
Lieutenant said he felt his life was in danger, but he was rocking the vest
Trayvon had the skittles and the Arizona

Mr. Garner was choked to death
Dylan roof got to go Burger King
We all equal as human beings?
Fuck the bull shit like Derrick Rose
How am I supposed to accept the truth?
They want me in the booth
Just not on a dusty loop
They need another monkey for the streets to dance in a pretty outfit and never
question the accountant
I gotta make sure my boat can float before I let out the rope
There’s always hope when you focused on the future and not the present
Action only happens in the latter
Hey, batter batter
You better get to moving
Too busy worried about what they doing
Pursue cream so you got time before it’s taken away