unknown male
dead- floating in a sea of yesterdays and lasts
breaths no longer
kisses pushed back
we’ll love you from our windows
we’ll pray for cures
we’ll mourn into forever, for you
the day you died, we apologized for your body,
the puritanical fucked contagion
time imposed devastation
and religiosity found gays without spirituals
without heaven

it’s coming for you/us
it’s in the wind — the sky sees the storm coming
it comes to disrupt — bodies disruptive —dropping everywhere, drop

dropping out of the air like rain, sinking into the ground as if to bury
flies dropping into pianos and church pews, sulking in what is to come
goodbye – early
too many early goodbyes
even skin runs away from the chaos inside the body
only we disappear
cover me/condom/reggie williams/bury me/down/marlon riggs/come to my
funeral/cry/sylvester/young war/fighting old/essex hemphill/sanitation fucks
morality/touch me/alvin ailey/give us a home/we lay together/donald woods/look at us/we aren’t dead yet