Amendment is a progressive literature and art journal produced by Virginia Commonwealth University students. We provide a platform for students to promote equality, tolerance, and social progression through artistic expression.

The student-run editorial staff of Amendment seeks to equalize societal imbalance by providing a platform for progressive ideas. We seek to highlight issues that are often ignored or incompletely addressed in mainstream media and society.

Our journal is published annually every fall semester, and we also produce smaller publications such as zines and chapbooks. We also host and collaborate with other organizations on a variety of events for Richmonders and VCU students. Keep an eye out for our publications and stay tuned for upcoming events.

2019 Amendment Staff

Amendment began as a publication of essays in a Feminist Literary Theory class at VCU in 2004 and joined the VCU Student Media Center in 2005. Since then, we have worked to bring writing and art on topics of race, nationality, gender, sexuality, class, disability, education, the environment, and more to VCU and Richmond as a whole.

Amendment was a 2022 finalist for Best Student Magazine in the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Award.

2017 Amendment Staff at Amendment’s 2nd Film Festival