I Love My Son

I Love My Son 
by Timothy Beavers

I don’t dislike homosexuals.
Y’see my son
is a homosexual
and I love my son.
I just don’t think that they should be
kissin’ an’ grabbin’ on each other out in public like that.
It’s disgusting!
Why should I have to see that?
When I was your age
they used to have clubs
where all the queers would go to do
whatever it is they do.
Me and my buddies used to go in there and prank on ’em sometimes:
We’d get one of our friends
-now I never did this part here; someone else always did-
so usually either Dobber or Wilkins’d act they was a queer
and get one of the guys to buy him drinks.
Then he’d go back to the guys place with him and we’d all follow in our car.
He’d hang around for a bit and then tell the guy to go wait in the backroom for him.
This one time, Dobber let us all in this guys apartment and we wrecked everything
from the sofa to the ceiling fan.
He came out screamin’ an’ cryin’
and we just ran right out the door crackin’ up.

Now, I grew up in the sixties
and we were all about getting rights for women
and blacks
but homosexuals were fine
when they weren’t out gropin’ in public.
It’s their choice, but they’re wrong.
It just grosses me out.
I guess maybe your generation has been around it more
and I was real liberal when I was a kid too
but the male and the female body are physically made
if you look at it
to be together.
I don’t know why
all of a sudden
the queers think it’s okay
to go on TV and out in public and be kissing
where little kids can see.
It’ll confuse ’em and they might end up queer!
Like I said, though,
I got no problem with homosexuals,
my son is a homosexual
and I love my son.