Day of Silence

Day of Silence
by Conor Finlay

The rainbow flag, waved high by half-fag
Suffrage checklist reads incomplete
The oppression of queer people is extremely discreet

A day of silence for the LGBT
Anonymous, invisible, we shoulder it forcibly
I have no love for Christ because his house scorns me
I sit alone in a classroom full of people debating personal tragedy

Now we all know that nothing is perfect
But why in a school system full of sex education
Do we still not know shit about sexuality?

Noone told me in a lecture about the existence of bisexuality.
So I stayed silent in my struggle for identity.
This whole period of life lead in a lie since puberty.

So what now, Virginia, do we just remain seated on the bleachers?
Dear Richmond, who’s the tyrant now; firing queer teachers
In the rebel city, where the old still worship the Confederate Flag
Within the comfort of their living room, fire light cast on the head of a stag.

The rainbow flag, waved high by a half fag
This is a love revolution; we do love peace
But we break the silence; we will not go quietly and we shall be free
Until then I write my words for all to see,
And I shall stain your capitol my with my art, just try to catch me.

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