Art that we published in 2018

On Sight by D’Anna Lee
Winner of Amendment Art Award
Drained by Aleyah Grimes
America the Beautiful by Nia Alexander
Wastebasket Diagnosis by Nia Alexander
Violated Existent I by Nia Alexander
Violated Existent II by Nia Alexander
Teach Me (Assignment 6) by Nia Alexander
Squeeze Harder by Nia Alexander
Moonstruck Lunatic by Nia Alexander
Consume I by Xueyan Gao
Consume II by Xueyan Gao
Consume III by Xueyan Gao
Consume IV by Xueyan Gao
Old Man by Logan Sullivan
Why Red by Logan Sullivan
Torment by Nicole Garnhart
Malice I by Alvaro Escobar
Malice II by Alvaro Escobar
Malice III by Alvaro Escobar
Diving by Maggie Colangelo
Lifeline by Maggie Colangelo
Alienne Snot by Jini Park
Mr. Clown, At Solitude by Jini Park