By Cecilia Doss

I lay on the ground at your feet
Not even quarter-way through my life
And the life is already stripped from me
Because all I can do is submit
To a higher power that doesn’t care about me

I gave you everything because I had to
Until there’s no longer a me to experience my life
I’m stuck in the cogs
Grinding me down and oiling your machine with my blood, sweat, and tears.
And what will you do then?

Why bother asking?
You only ever think of yourselves.
Even at the expense of 99% of the world’s population,
You never think of any context
That doesn’t help line your pockets.

So how do I keep going with this in mind?
How can I make a life under capitalism meaningful?
I can’t.
At least not without getting through to everyone else you’ve brainwashed. After all,
How much change can one person really manage?