On my skin

On my skin
by Jessica Cruz

Memories cannot be avoided on my skin.
History is not forgotten on my skin.

To live alone is to live a lie,
But there are scars on my skin.

A hard worker who hardly works,
I still have blisters on my skin.

My master enjoys complaining but,
Does he burn like I burn on my skin?

A lack of pigment says too much,
Because I carry grief on my skin.

1,604 miles travelled almost all on foot.
Oh god, how the sun flared on my skin.

A walk down the street reveals my luck.
Their words are etched on my skin.

A life growing inside of me,
Leaves marks on my skin.

A loud noise awakens me, frightens my people.
Harsher than any of the cuts on my skin.

How can someone carry so much hate in their heart?
I’ll never get rid of this tattoo on my skin.

You’re foolish, Jessica, if you think–
You will ever understand all of the pain on my skin.

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