My Body

My Body
by Mikaela Reinard

My body is shamed.

My body is shamed because I am a man plus the woe.

A woman is what I am.

My body is mine yet you fail to understand

That I find pride in my curves, and to that notion, you simply show me the palm of your misogynistic hand.

My body is governed by law and it’s hard to realize that I might get time in jail for showing what’s biologically mine.

I’m slowly losing possession of the one commodity that has forever been mine to bureaucratic drones testing against society’s mind.

My body might not be plastered on a billboard or featured in a glossy magazine.

But is that enough to tell me what my body should be?

My body needs to stop shining in the scorching light of lawmakers and mass media

Because my body is rightfully, biologically and ultimately mine.

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