The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon
by Edwina Barthelemy 

You carry yourself like a winner,
but you’re a wimp.
You cry as much as I do, and don’t call me a liar
because I was there when you couldn’t help
but let your tears fall for the dumbest things
and I was there when you hit rock bottom
and I was there when you needed a reason
not to take your own life.
So don’t you dare call me a liar.
And don’t you dare call yourself a man.
You? A man? You’re a boy! A child.
You’re a six year old in a nineteen and a half
year old body. You’re stuck making important
decisions that could shape
the rest of your life. But all the while
you just wanna piss your pants.
You change your mind like
a mom changes diapers.
And I’m done waiting for you to grow up.
You? A man?
You don’t even know how to fight for me.
Force of a great typhoon, my ass.

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