by Greg Alexander

When I was younger I was quite the video gamer
That was back when I had only dreamt of quests
So how was I supposed to know what I was really up against?
Controller plugged in and I felt ready to go
Console was warmed, I’d imagined this before
I used my sword and shield to tear the flesh
And hide the fact that I was really scared to death
As I stabbed wildly into the belly of the beast
I’d felt as if I’d already been long defeated
Blood on my armor, guts and entrails
With enough slashing I knew I’d prevail

Thrust, thrust, thrust
Then everything gets all sticky
And the smell of pennies and sweat permeates the air

I pull out my sword from the beast’s guts
With the beast’s last grasp I know it’s enough
At the end of it all there was quite a feast
I don’t remember the food, I felt long deceased
At the end of the journey we parted ways
And all I knew of being a hero was how to slay
So I spent my days rescuing maidens
Dragons slayed, dungeons raided
Never to build a home
Or to stay in a castle for more than one night
Just fighting across the countryside until I could no longer move
Desperately hoping to feel something beyond the need to liberate princesses
I turn off my game and I walk away
Empty until the next time I play

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