Interracial Queen and King

Interracial Queen and King
by Nevelious Jordan

There’s something about the skin contrast
When we make love, its like a color splash
A flash of vibrant black and white lights that crash…
Together, once our bodies connect
Your pink lips grip the base of me
Its a perfect fit
They lock on and pull me in like, “There’s no escaping me”
It feels like this is where I was meant to be
You and I become forever young
Panting heavily as we create our first daughter or son
I am embraced by your tongue
While I penetrate you with every inch, one by one
Nine months later…
There’s something about the way people stare at us when we take our child to the doctor
Like a shocker
They’re in panic
Ready to demonstrate every racial antic
Prejudice has their views going frantic
They stop and stare
In certain restaurants, they question why we’re there
But we don’t care
You and I smile, knowing some people will never understand it
But they will respect us because we demand it
Five years pass
And there’s something about the way our little boy feels when he realizes he looks different…
Not quite like everyone else in his class
We explain to him the beauty of mixed culture and to never listen to the words of an ugly vulture
Because in life’s jungle…
He’s a white tiger with black stripes and blue eyes that will guide him through the darkest nights
And so the caramel-colored boy holds his head to the highest heights
Honored, he starts educating himself on noble black men like Martin Luther King and civil rights
That same pride is intensified when he’s told of his mother’s diverse European bloodline
Her German, Hungarian, and Irish genes make him one of a kind
His questions of identity are left behind
Having grown into a studious young man, he is set to excel in Yale with an immaculate mind
He is the proud legacy that will keep us alive when we die
We have raised a great young man, you and I
When I think about the troubles we have been through, it is not hard to remember the reason why
Twenty years go by and there’s still something about the light from the sky
When it hits your diamond wedding ring, I know that you are my queen and I am your king

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