Endorphins Blindside You

Endorphins Blindside You
by Sylvia Jones

It’s no small club.
nearly opposable, we tread at even arms length distance a strategy, blackboard bourbon.
I wish this wasn’t as important as seeing the Hot Seats.
home wreckers or word count requirements, both teaching us how to chicken out.
Your bronze petal unravels me into grey scale search engines, carnivalesque rearview mirrors.
where & why wild cash advances.
Appearance savvy , no magic donor recipients, 1,680,000 results, our annual end of August regret
ruffled self fulfilling prophecies.
Synesthesia prone.
Fraught interaction, it’s nice to have autonomy & angst. Toilet paper convenience.
Another answer to another question I might’ve gotten wrong.
Rubrics don’t appeal they apply to tenacity “What Life in the Real World Costs”
distractions are sacraments, us fiscal non believers
woulda shoulda coulda summer cynics, our grip got mistaken as a punchline.
Another arbitrary echo a long ass recovery, left eye idiom.
feeling overzealous about erroneous shit. for inquires stolen sake.
An ex sending snapchats from a hinged threshold.
Homes not handcuffs never not never before the split.
By noons encore I’ll be callus again, more nymph, guest & host.
Grief settles in with costumes and props, my kryptonite is a telepathic winged squirrel in
Monroe Park, a former universe, we arrive with as many losses as gains.
Rosetta stone stifled. Retrospectively speaking her tone reminds me of a whining road.
And no there are no detours to places worth going back to.
Sundays are for belongings not baggage; cerebral matters
We ain’t attempting to build a home, a curbed tolerance for obsidian exteriors.
Enough glass to be professional radioheads.
Be ashamed to outnumber the hustle, be mountain proud .
Kodak is bankrupt and smarts are unnamed worldly objects.
Our ulterior low-income gay4jesus GoodMorningAmerica chokehold.
A hibiscus bouquet redemption attempt, the only job we wake up for is a
counterfeit guerrilla power play humor.
Our humdrum middle-class annihilated selves.
Narrow hearted, railed against whatever else we had lying around.
Unswept remorse cheap champion debris, a kinetic potency for Rivercity revivals.
the sound of having one exit. Like learning how to speak and when to listen.
A brick wall antebellum, hyper aware 1st world. It catches on and suddenly it’s not cool
anymore. Better off as algorithm hype.
west nile loud nitrous mafia nervous Jim Crow
anti affirmative action If I had it my way the equator would be old news by now.
Good luck persistence is arbitrary and will catch you off cue
soapbox heights, hominid slang.
Shockoe articulate banter, this is not two weeks notice or anyone’s fault.
I condone drinking and stay for the sport, like all other self-destructive habits.
No one our age wants to be brave, that’s what the Keurig is for.
Pitch less and deface more propaganda.
Afro beta to do lists items.
We don’t speak about money, or the places we avoid. We treat our failures like minor

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