Multimedia work made by VCU students that we published online

Vanished by Silvia Valladares
Winner of the 2019 Amendment Film Festival
Untitled by Brezaja Hutcheson
Staff Pick for 2019 Amendment Film Festival
Distorted Boundary by Feixue Mei
Staff Pick in 2019 Amendment Film Festival
Water by Silvia Valladares
Good Hair Days by Marissa Forbes
Performers: Christina Collins, Elsie Neilson, Helen Solomita
Music: For the Trees by Matmos
Trayvon Animation by JaDazia Stanifer
That’s A Shame by JaDazia Stanifer
A Way Forward? by Kethryn Shaner
Cut Out by Hunter Hite
Fall by Yushan Yakefujiang
DA CLONE by King Z
Starring: Little Raven and Jessica Yowell
Music by Fatherfake
Untitled by Brezaja Hutcheson
Lighting/Camera Assistant: Mariela Gavino
Performer: Brezaja Hutcheson
Contrast/Blur by Kevin Le
With Assistance by Danny Le and Russell White