Literature that we published in 2016

Edible, But Ugly
by Sylvia Jones
(Winner of the Spring 2016 Amendment Poetry Contest)

by Sarah King
(Winner of the Spring 2016 Amendment Story Contest)

Neoliberalism: The Blind Side
by Meg Loudenslager
(Winner of the Spring 2016 Amendment Essay Contest)

Have Sex With Me
by Maheen Shahid

Untitled Poem
by Joy Jenkins

A Letter of Apology to Georgia O’Keefe
by Hallie Chametzky

The Fires of Draupadi
by Swathi Deo Sambatha

Six Children
by Swathi Deo Sambatha

The Surgeon
by Addy Gravatte

2016’s Biggest Loser
by Ale Santander

Untitled Poem
by Kathryn Novelli

This is a Poem About a 24-pack of Aquafina Water Bottles
by Hallie Chametzky

Grieving for Orlando in a Succession of Days
by Addy Gravatte

a letter to The Scars On Your Knuckles and how they Have Hurt Us Both
by Bridget Condron

Dear After Darkness
by Sylvia Jones

Run It
by Lorenzo Simpson

Suns Out Guns Out
by Katheryn Novelli

A Portrait of Myself as Audrey Hepburn
by Hallie Chametzky

Permanent Burnt
by Nia McLeod

Untitled Essay
by Fadel Allasan