Literature that we published in our 2014 Amendment Literary and Arts Journal

Trick or Treat
by Brittney Maddox

Interracial Queen and King
by Nevelious Jordan

A Louisiana Summer
by Caroline Rodrigues 

Inca Stone
by Michael Waite

I Work
by Ashley Dean

Chuck Berry
by Will Nelson

Endorphins Blindside You
by Sylvia Jones

Walking while Female at One A.M.
by Maya White-Lurie

To Kill a Buttercup: for my son, so he may bloom as he pleases
by Katie Burnett

Exhibit X
by Camila Alfonzo Meza

Losing My Virginity over a Period of Four Months
by Anonymous

by Brittney Maddox

His Sugar Plum Lips
by Gabbie Robinson

Ali al Ashgar
by Steven Thomas Bock

Bus ride to Nazca (A Positive and Negative Perspective on the Landscape)
by Michael Waite

Lost at Sea
by Chrissy Epperson

Tar’s Fans
by Nevelious Jordan

The Contempt I Bare for Waiting Tables
by Kathryn Novelli

by Shay Patrick

Shooting the Messenger
by Joshua Braunstein