Art that we published in 2017

Suffocation by Elise Ketch
One Eyed Monsters by Jimmi K
Enough by Austin Miles
Made of Wood
All Shapes and Sizes by Eli Vidano
TV Guy by Amanda Stephan
Talking Dead by Amanda Stephan
Beauty and Power by Jini Park
Toy Soldier by Eli Vidano
Lucky Rabbit’s Foot by Eli Vidano
Self Hatred by Yushan Yakefujiang
Passage of Time by Yushan Yakefujiang
Nurture by Yushan Yakefujiang
11th Century Uyghur Scholar Mahmudal-Kashigari by Yushan Yakefujiang
My Culture “Uyghur” Dance by Yushan Yakefujiang
An “Uyghur” Muslim Lady by Yushan Yakefujiang
This Weight on My Chest by Jasper Behrends
Caged by Jasper Behrends
Skin TV by Michael Cabezas
Skin TV 2 by Michael Cabezas
St. Sebastian by Yelyzaveta Shevchenko
Mule by Michael Cabezas