Art that we published in our 2013 Amendment Literary and Arts Journal

BlackMaled Gibsun - 2013 Cover Art
BlackMaled by Robalu Gibsun
Self portrait Brien
Self Portrait by Kathleen Brien
Bedroom Theatre by Glenn Jodun
Americana Jasmine Thompson
Americana by Jasmine Thompson
it's gorgeous when you die gibsun
It’s Gorgeous When You Die by Robalu Gibsun
Bambi age 19 james patterson
Bambi Age 19 by James Patterson
10 Jasmine Thompson
10 by Jasmine Thompson
rvaputsout Rachel Woodward
RVA Puts Out Rachel Woodward
Aisha Aisha Hameed - Untitled
Aisha by Aisha Hameed
onions and apples Jasmine Thompson
Onions and Apples by Jasmine Thompson
Meechy James Patterson
Meechy by James Patterson