Here is some information to get to know our current Amendment staff members!

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Callie Maginnis is a sophomore double majoring in English and Fashion Design. She join Amendment because she thinks it’s important for people to have a voice and believes Amendment is a good way for people to share theirs. In her free time, Callie enjoys riding horses.

Cecilia Doss is a junior at VCU, majoring in Theater and minoring in Creative Writing. She has been working at Amendment for almost 2 years because they were the only group to send an email after the SMC Open House, and is currently working toward making an audio series for WVCW called, “Now What.”

Moira Snyder is a freshman staff member on Amendment, and is currently Undeclared in the College of Humanities and Sciences. She chose to join Amendment for her passion to write. She immensely enjoys reading poetry and literature. She loves being able to see the students’ talents in art.What Moira likes about Amendment’s message is that she likes how it is about the freedom to produce what speaks to oneself. Moira has a twin sister that goes to Christopher Newport University. Moira loves the beach, and the show The Office.

Ruth Laryea is a first year student at VCU on Amendment’s staff. She is a Psych and Sociology major with an english minor, but has a special interest in art and literary expression, especially contemporary thought and ideas. She also loves nutella, but who doesn’t. 🙂

Serena Truong is a freshman at VCU. She is an English major and currently an Amendment staff member. She adores 80’s music and enjoys curling up with a good book.