Co-Editor in Chief
Hallie Chametzky

Co-Editor in Chief
Emily Henderson  

Literary Editor
Elise Le Sage

Art Director
Lara Koebke

Projects Supervisor 
Sarah Carter 

Amendment Staff
Walter Anyanwu
Jasper Behrends
Barjaa Brown
Cecilia Doss
Sonnet Garcia
Samra Giorgis
Ashley Harden
Mary Kamara
Ruth Laryea
Callie Maginnis
Sami Moore
Luna Powell
Anya Sczerzenie
Moira Snyder
Tori Thompson
Serena Truong
Daniela Villegas
Sean Wesley

Liz Canfield

Student Media Center Staff:

SMC Director
Allison Dyche

SMC Business Manager
Jacob McFadden

SMC Production Manager
Mark Jeffries


If you are interested in joining one of our Amendment Committees, we would be happy to meet with you find out where your interests lie. No prior experience in any specific field of study is necessary.

We seek VCU students who are passionate about social and political issues. Email us at if you are interested in joining the staff so we can add you to our email list and answer any questions you may have.