A Thought

A Thought 
by Daniel James

We are the creators
The different, the unconventional,
The eccentric, the antithesis to homogeneity,
The worthless, the questionable
The disparaging, the offensive
We are the creators
The skin that holds together in darkness and light.

A movement, caused my thoughts to crack into being.
Reasoning in full armor
A movement shepherded by isolation
Understand that in isolation, loneliness is never found.
A deeper understanding,
Suspended belief.

Who are we?
Creatures created; now capable of creation
Who are they?
Creatures created; incapable of creation.
Lacking understanding.
Thoughts unarmed.
Shielded by who they claim to be.
Our existence is a threat.
Trapped in four walls, they know we’re surrounding.

We are the outcasts,
but their voices are our own.
Every word they utter drowns out the sound of their internal silence
Each mock, reinforces the significance of our contribution
Nothing can break or mold our understanding,
We found the openings and filled the spaces.
Our minds are Zeus
Our thoughts are Athena
Strength and wisdom
The creator and the creation
A warrior fighting to build something anew.

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