this will cause pain

this will cause pain
by Hallie Chametzky

a word of warning / your muscles will begin to tire / even when you have chosen something you believe to be comfortable / certain ones will ache, there may be shaking / your head is heavier than you think, your neck weaker / looking in one direction will cause pain / you will not think, at first, that you are twisting your back / you are / at some point you will come to realize this because it will cause you pain / after this, lean your back against something, if possible

not all rooms will have four walls / in some people will pass by / they may look, but not if there is a child / the child will be picked up and they will run / you will feel both like laughing and like shrinking / you will be very aware of your breasts / people may come and go and move about / you will remain / do not let their moving move you / it is the remaining which causes pain

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