Weary by Elise Ketch

“Weary” is about religion. Although I like to leave the meaning ambiguous because I find the spectrum of interpretations to be uniquely individual. To me the piece speaks about a moment of hesitation on a spiritual journey. The young man is being guided onward by spirit (represented by the rosary), but he has reached a reflective pause in his journey (symbolized by the power lines). He is tired (as seen by his recline against the pole) and he ponders if all the sacrifices he has made on the journey balance with the impact and progress he has made. He is tempted to look back but cannot see onwards. So his gaze is unfocused in the distance. Pointedly not looking at anything, as he searches within himself for intrinsic motivation. He wonders if he can continue solely on faith for much longer, or if he has been mislead like a fool. Basically the piece is about doubting the value and practicality of religion.

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