The Equivalence of Nature and The Modern Woman

The Equivalence of Nature and The Modern Woman
by Kameron Jones

It is to have firm yet
transferable roots and
leaves that are broad enough
to properly thrive, yet
slim enough to store hope;
in expectation that those roots
are able to grow and expand
past the shit they have been
planted in and have used for survival
from season to season,
hoping to bear fruit
the plant will never
consume itself–
unless left untouched
and withered
to fall
and rot at the foundation of the trunk;
to become nutrient in the dirt
and shit, so that the whole
can bear fruit once more.

To be born with the
sin of man between my legs,
and the continuance of man
between my hips,
though expected to walk
delicate, as if
that weight were not present
in every moment–
or to carefully decide today
and everyday
with which lips
shall I forge an encounter
with those of equal
or greater
importance than myself–

because everyone is trying to
get ahead and most are
wanting to get down so

who is to judge those few
who just want head from those
who are trying to get up?

To be handled like limestone–
heavy, earthy,
and concrete to the eye,
until placed in curious hands,
the same hands that had just marveled
at how it had gleamed in the sun,
and the realization occurs
that the stone is easily broken,
broken into fragments and dust
of the gem it once was
and when combined with
the right chemicals can create
a volatile reaction, leaving
only the stone to be blamed for
its explosive properties.

It is to sprint through
a cross-country race or
climb down a burning ladder–
both built of power
and the feverish imagination
of the image beyond
those buttons–
both with qualification
based upon
predetermined molds,
and a rare finish line
sponsored by
those who must have fucked me
in order for me to have
made it so far.

It is to be unaccounted for the
bountiful; the environment provided
until air could safely enter and exit our lungs,
the nurture as constant and engulfing
as the sun, until we learned to
trust the moonlight as well.
To be seen as a collective
of gentle giants,
and cut down
by the masses
and used as resource
and when told of the future consequence,
to be answered with
the promise of progression
and the bettering of the majority.

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