by Angelica Fuchs

Is not the right word.
Is also incorrect.
Those are choices
Which asexuality is not.
Perhaps I must lay it out for you;
I am not interested.
Asexual does not mean that
I am a filter feeding sponge that can mate with myself.
No, I’m not about to change anytime soon
So don’t keep trying to shove ‘the right guy’ under my nose.
I’ll just break his heart
like the last half dozen guys who asked me out.
Don’t try to blame it on my father.
Don’t try to blame it on my mother.
My chemistry isn’t wrong-
And no, I’m not just gay, lesbian, or bi.
Please don’t ask again about ‘that boyfriend’ I don’t have, grandpa,
Or how much longer I intend to wait to have children
I’m not even out of college for Christ’s sake!

So let’s review:
Asexuality does not mean
I’m a prude,
A tease,
Or holding out for a hero.
It means I’m not interested.

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