Ali Al Ashgar

Ali al Ashgar
by Steven Thomas Bock

The occurrence in question is the Battle of Karbala where an infant among many more children named Ali al Asghar not even able to conceive the notions of war and prejudice was killed by such evils.  His short life and unjust death separated from my own existence by centuries has made a crack, no a canyon, in my soul in regards to how I look at war and other means of needless invalidated separation between human beings for, “If one is not your brother in faith, he is your brother in humanity.”

He was just a child when he died.
His parents and their companions simply on pilgrimage
When things got so bad they had to stop even pilgrimage
To speak up against the ill treatment of the people.
Armed as pilgrims not soldiers
They were attacked and entrapped at Karbala
By a ratio of more of 400 to each of their mere 72.
Child, elder, pregnant with child, woman and man a like
Were made to starve and thirst.
However what happen to the all the children
Was enough to make all despise the Caliph.
What happen to him alone
Was enough to make all despise the Caliph.
His father took him – only an infant – to give to his oppressors
So they would give him water
As their shared scripture says not to harm the children.
Before he could even be handed off,
He received a three pronged arrow through his neck.
He died too young to understand prejudice and war
But old enough to understand love and mercy.

Now despite having no involvement in the events described to you just now besides possible prior ignorance of:

Is a child a treasure or an enemy?
Does it manner if they are Sunni or Shia?
For that manner does it manner if they are even Muslim?
Is not a child a seed of love life should congregate around?
Not death.
Not war.

A child shouldn’t be made to thirst because you don’t agree with their parents.
A child shouldn’t be shot because their parents and you have a quarrel.
If you can love Allah in His infinite complexity,
Why not a child in their humble simplicity?

How many battles of war,
Of mere,
Are you guilty of being ignorant of the deaths they have caused children?
Are just a whore who gives consent at the cost of ignorance?
Do you enjoy mere derivatives of humanity – not even God –
Such as mere countries, political ideologies, religious sects, material wealth,
More than your siblings in humanity?

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