I Weep for their Wretched Beauty

I Weep for their Wretched Beauty 
by Hannah Lickey

When the anger swells it cannot be contained and drips from my pores
covering me in a sweat of hate, and cocoons myself in self-loathing.
Each day it worsens
Each failed attempt
Every flaw
the figure in the mirror is my evil enemy
refracted light throwing back at me this atrocious monstrosity of flesh and fat
the worthless bag of meat ripping at the seams,
stretched and filled to fit the girth of three NORMAL people
and so I smash my fist against the mirror
watch the blood ooze from my knuckles
then smear the broken reflection red.
because I know no one could ever love someone over 250 pounds
Society has told me and shown me all my life
that I am not worthy of love or praise
Because of my size
Because of my shape
Because of my weight
The fact is that I am sub human.
I am not seen
I am not here
I am only a bloated corpse that occasionally becomes animated
when the hate cannot be contained.


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